Anti-slavery and human trafficking

Anti-slavery and human trafficking policy:

The anti-slavery and human trafficking policy is formed as a means to prevent human slavery and trafficking within our organization. We strongly condemn these types of acts and ensure that the company will take all possible measures and steps to follow the relevant laws and regulations. We stand firmly on strong ethical grounds in terms of our operations, corporate relationships, and supply chain.

  • We enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards forced slavery and labor, and human trafficking in all areas of our business.
  • We ensure compliance with all the relevant and applicable laws related to the matter, in all countries or states we operate in.
  • We only operate with vendors and business associates who uphold our moral standards and dedication to ethical behavior.


  • The governing bodies and board of directors take complete responsibility on the effective implementation of the anti-slavery and human trafficking policy and the company’s stance on the matter.
  • The company shall provide training and instruction to all of its workers, subcontractors, and representatives regarding the threats of modern slavery, how to spot exploitation, and how to file reports of concerns.
  • The concerned departments will be held responsible for conducting risk assessments and identifying the potential risks associated with the matter.
  • Employees and other patrons are welcomed to report any suspicions or worries they may have about human trafficking or slavery. Anonymous reports are encouraged, and they will be looked over in great detail.

Monitoring and Improvement:

  • To ensure the effectiveness of the policy, the organization will consistently observe and examine and make changes where required.
  • In an effort to fight this human trafficking and modern slavery, IET shall collaborate with other industry partners, and non-governmental organizations.


  • This policy will be made clear and accessible to all the organization’s employees through communication channels.
  • The policy shall also be communicated to all our partners, clients, suppliers and the general public as a symbol of our commitment to the matter.

Breach of Policy:

  • If the policy is found to be violated by any of the company’s employees, they will be held accountable for a disciplinary action, leading to dismissal.
  • We have the right to sever ties with any third parties that are acting on our behalf if they violate this policy.

Review and Revision:

  • Periodically, this anti-slavery and human trafficking policy will be analyzed to make sure it is current with legal requirements and evolving best practices.
  • Should changes in legislation or business procedures arise, the policy will be updated to reflect them.
  • IET seeks to protect each person’s rights and dignity while assisting in the eradication of modern slavery and human trafficking through the implementation of its anti-slavery and anti-human trafficking policy.