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Expected loss reduction

We assisted a leading merchant acquirer in the travel and airline industries with risk management and compliance, resulting in reduced exposure, lower expected losses, and increased profitability in high-risk sectors during a crisis. We successfully reduced the client’s exposure by over one-third and mitigated expected losses by approximately 85% during this turbulent period.


A global USA bank partnered with us to enhance their treasury, asset and liability management operating models, as well as their liquidity and interest rate risk management process. Through this transformational engagement, we made revisions to the client’s behavioral models and hedging strategy

Automotive industry

We designed and implemented a global integrity and compliance program for a world-leading automobile manufacturer. The program focused on implementing processes and inspiring people, strengthening governance and processes across more than 500 legal entities worldwide. Through diverse communication, training, and enablement initiatives, we engaged all employees on the path to achieving sustainable culture change.

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